All Good Things Come to an End

Thank you for supporting FicTease over the past six months. Whether you submitted teasers, commented, liked us on Facebook, or lurked on Twitter, we appreciate your participation.

Unfortunately, as of today, FicTease is shutting down.

Our goal at FicTease was to help authors promote their stories. We hope you were able to connect to new readers through the features we offered. If you are looking for a site to post your teasers, Fic Central accepts them.

Thanks again for a great run!

Tease on.

Teaser Tuesday [4/15/14]


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Guest Rec – Cracked Marble by sanguinescriptor

Banner by Kassiah

Cracked Marble by sanguinescriptor Review by Tina This is my first time as a reviewer, but I have been so taken with this story, that when asked if I would guest review, I decided to give it a shot. The story is Cracked Marble by sanguinescriptor. The author’s extended summary reads: Growing up together in […]